Red Eye Exam

Red Eye Exam

An eye that suddenly becomes red is a cause for worry. Any increased discomfort and blurred vision are often accompanied with red eye. Without a red eye exam performed by a professional it is difficult to determine the cause or cure for a patient’s red eye.The condition may not be an emergency, however, red eye can be an indicator of scleritis, episcleritis, fungal / bacteria / viral pink eye, a necessity for foreign body removal (a piece of metal, for example), or allergic conjunctivitis.

For a red eye exam call 505-883-1208, we often have same day red eye exams available. We want you in as soon as possible to ensure everything is okay with your eyes, as your health is our number one concern! To save you time before your exam, you may review our HIPPA form and print our Welcome Form (s) online.   Bring the Welcome Form to your appointment. 



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