Our optometrists are true specialists in fitting the most advanced contact lens technologies to fit the visual needs of each individual. New technologies allow longer wear times, more comfort throughout the day, and better breathability for the cornea. From daily wear to disposable lenses, Drs. Babington and Babington will take the time to explain the advantages of all options. Once you've made your selection, your contact lenses will be expertly fitted to make sure they are comfortable and perform properly. We fit your cornea using the top advances in contact lens technology, with lenses available from all of the top contact lens companies.

We can fit you with any lens in the world. We have contacts for Astigmatism, Multifocal Contacts, Daily Disposable and many others. We can fit patients with dry eyes, patients that have had LASIK or other eye surgeries. We fit soft contacts, hard contacts, rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts, even soft contacts with RGP’s on top if that is what you need.

Most of the time we have a trial pair in stock to try on at your visit.