I first started seeing Dr. B when I was pregnant with my daughter....twenty seven years ago. Even when I lived in another state, I would come back for my eye exams. I wouldn't trust my eyes to anyone else. I live all the way on the other side of town and he's worth the gas.
Francesca C. in Albuquerque, NM
My boyfriend woke up at 3 AM in tears crying from a serious pain in his left eye. Later that morning, I called Dr. Babington to see if he could get my boyfriend in for an exam. Sure enough, he saved the day and got him in at 9 that morning. The damage that he did to his eye required my boyfriend to see Dr. Babington every day for 5 days. I'm happy to say that his eye is 100 percent better, and I was so grateful that Dr. Babington was to see him that morning. He is a great Dr!
Brittany H. in Albuquerque, NM
I have been seeing Dr Babington for the past 4 years and I have to say that he and his father are by far the most comprehensive and professional optometrists that I have ever worked with. About 4 years ago, just before I moved back to Denver, Colorado, I found out that I had a rare degenerative eye disorder. I worried that, even in a city the size of Denver, I would not be able to find an eye doctor that was as careful and or knowledgeable as Dr Babington is. To this day I have not and luckily I have to make regular business trips to Albuquerque therefore I am able to continue my business relationship with the Babington's. Lastly their eye glass shop is top notch and the staff is very knowledgeable as well as being on top of all of the latest fashions.
Steve B. in Denver, CO